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Turn It for Good: Difficulties Will Turn into Victories

After a roller coaster of a day where I experienced the bliss that overcomes me when I am lost in the wonderment of my son and the sorrow that arrives with goodbyes, I decided to take a long drive this morning to reflect and count my blessings through the crucible. As I was crossing into Delaware, a song called “See a Victory” by for King & Country came on that was so fitting for the moment that I felt compelled to listen to it on repeat for close to an hour.

The song was about the difficulties that come for all of us and the tests that we are confronted with throughout our lives. The same way that God speaks to us through people, so too does the devil try to confound us through strangers, friends and even family members. Because hurt people love to hurt other people, at one time or another, all of us are beset by conflicts that try our souls and suck our spirits hollow.

It is easy during these times to pay back pettiness with pettiness and let our hearts become infected with vengeance. I’ve learned though, through countless betrayals by people I trusted or inexplicable indifference by those who I loved, that anger in response to disappointment is the surest way to extend temporary pains into lasting agony. Yet, despite this knowledge, the flesh is strong because our almost automatic response is to let our emotions get the best of us.

That is why the song “See a Victory” was so powerful, it was a reminder that there is good that comes from all setbacks. If we have patience and refuse the allure of our egos when we are met with malice from others. More importantly, there is a lesson to be learned when those closest to us go out of their way to hurt us. It is easy to point fingers outward and play the victim, but the greatest times of clarity and understanding arrive precisely when our hearts are broken.

There are patterns that we all repeat throughout our lives where we invite people who are not good for us into our hearts or homes only to find ourselves spent. These acts of malice increase in tempo and intensity until we finally have a moment of accountability and realize that we are the ones who are causing our own downfall.

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At times, people might have plans to harm us but God’s plan for us is infinitely greater. If we bear our cross during times of test and let humility be our watchword, every weapon formed against us eventually turns into victory. That is because, after encountering enough duplicity or disappointments from others, it dawns upon us that we are loved exactly how we are and we stop seeking acceptance from others. When we do this, the victory will be upon us because the source of our greatest tribulation all along was the sense of insufficiency that coaxed us for too long to find companionship in barren lands.

So if you find yourself in a place of grief or remorse because you yet again allowed others to take advantage of your kindness or heap abuse upon your heart, take comfort in this one knowledge—this is not how the story ends. Just like the song below notes, the battle belongs to God and His mercy will eventually win out. What the enemy meant for evil will, in time, be turned for good. When that time arrives, the tests that we all go through will eventually become our greatest testimonies. Until then, hold on and be kind to yourself.

“For the LORD your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.” ~ Deuteronomy 20:4

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