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A Moment of Truth and Accountability: My Thoughts About Hermela Aregawi and the #NoMore Campaign

Let me state from the outset that my aim in writing this article is not to pile on Hermela Aregawi nor is my purpose to capitalize on the latest controversy. On the contrary, I am speaking up to defend a young lady by the name of Kalidan Ejigu who was viciously and dangerously assailed by Hermela because she dared to ask “the face of the #NoMore movement” questions about her questionable stances that she harbored before she flip-flopped to supposedly be the voice of justice for Ethiopia.

Before I point out the specks in Hermela’s eyes on this Sabbath day, let me first direct you to the planks in my eyes. I have been in Hermela’s shoes before, I’ve made tremendous lapses in judgment as recently as last month and I’ve made egregious mistakes over the past 14 years because I got intoxicated on my own ego. Having one too many people pat you on your back and reading your own press clippings can turn you into a tyrant who insists on returning any and all criticisms, whether it’s warranted or unfair, not with reasoned rejoinders but with furious retribution.

Because I have been where Hermela is at now, I want to give her grace and quietly give her advice to step back in order to regroup and make amends. However, I know better than to extend a hand of friendship because she will not be receptive to my gestures even after went to the wall to defend her when she was being attacked a few months ago. Hermela and I used to chat online and even shared a couple of phone calls when she was an adamant and an unrepentant supporter of the TPLF. My hope back then was to convince her to walk away from TPLF because I believe that conversations can build bridges and turn political enemies into humanitarian allies.

My entreaties never worked as she refused to move an inch as she kept bashing the Ethiopian government, which I am no fan of for the record, and regrettably denigrating Amharas. She remained a TPLF loyalist and a firebrand until she had a falling out with the TPLF social media activists. I don’t know the full scope of what happened, I can only assume she did what she does best which is return fire with an inferno only to burn her bridge to that crowd. Bewildered, Hermela found herself in the political wilderness as TPLF supporters turned on her and branded her a traitor to their cause.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Feeling betrayed by the very people she once called comrades, she went to the “other side” not out of concern for human suffering but out of revenge. All a sudden, Hermela wedded herself to the very community she once called war criminals and genocidal killers. Within short order, the #NoMore movement as it related to the war in Ethiopia was born. I am sure it was just a mere coincidence that she and her backers settled on that hashtag less than two months after I wrote an article titled #WarNoMOre.

While many applauded Hermela’s “courage” for her decision to castigate the very outlaws she once cheered on, I was hesitant from the first time I listened to her rationale about her sudden U-turn. People tell you a lot more with what they withhold than with what they verbalize. Reconciliation was nowhere to be found in any of Hermela’s social media positions or public speeches, instead, she torched TPLF leadership without inviting Tigarus to abandon the very terrorists who have been oppressing them and all Ethiopians for 30 years and counting.

More insidiously, she pivoted to become the mouthpiece of TPLF 2.0 by the name of Abiy Ahmed and the Prosperity Party. While many were caught up in the #NoMore movement, they failed to realize that it was being funded and organized by the Ethiopian government, hangers-on like ESAT and EZEMA who once hated Article 39 and the pentagram on our cherished Sendek Alama right up until they gained access to power and the Isaias Afwerki fan club. The same way Barack Obama bamboozled true believers like me in 2008, Abiy Ahmed charmed millions of Ethiopians by giving hope to the hopeless only to deliver us at the doorsteps of Hotel Rwanda.

On a broader point, Abiy Ahmed and TPLF are not the disease but the symptom when it comes to the sickness that has gripped Ethiopia long before Meles Zenawi and his cadre swept into Arat Kilo in 1991. The West has been after Ethiopia ever since Italy failed to colonize us in 1896. After failing again to subdue us yet again during the 1930s, colonizers who rebranded themselves as “globalists” decided to defeat us with cunning by infecting our minds with tribalism. Their key to success was to pit the three most populous ethnic groups against each other by weaponizing history in order to convince Tigarus and Oromos to view Amharas as their enemies.

This is a letter written by Roman Prochazka that surfaced in 1936. It is a blueprint on how to destroy Ethiopia. Credit Tedla Melaku Worede

The door that Haile Selassie opened by becoming a Freemason in order to regain power was kicked open by the Derg in 1974 only for the whole house to be set on fire by the TPLF in 1991. As I explained in a show I took part in last week called “Conflict of Interest” which can be found at the bottom of this article, Meles and his tribal cohort were selected by Herman Cohen and Zbigniew Brzezinski to implement apartheid in Ethiopia and set our birthland on fire by inducing ethnocentrism. Why do you think TPLF placed the pentagram on our Sendek Alema? That symbol is a Masonic icon, I should know because I joined a fraternity called Omega Psi Phi that is rooted in Masonry.

TPLF slavishly and blasphemously tarnished the flag that our forefathers died defending by planting a satanic symbol in a country that is the nexus of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. What is going on in Ethiopia is not a political war, it is a spiritual war in which the principals who are trying to initiate a “New World Order” are attacking Ethiopia in order to erase spirituality and replace it with “transhumanism”. Instead of listening to corporate propagandists like CNN and tribal shills like Berhanu Nega, Neamin Zeleke, Getachew Reda and Jawar Mohammed, read the Book of Henock (Enoch) and you will realize exactly who and what the enemies of Ethiopia and humanity writ large are.

In this way, Hermela is someone who allowed the usual suspects of Ethiopian politics, the Derg generation who took charge before they gained the wisdom to do so, to hijack her and use her for their own benefit. In short order, they will all abandon her because that is what they do best. Their credibility wasted, they are always on the lookout for new blood to suck up before they move on to the next fresh face who can preach their gospel of nihilism. This is why the #NoMore movement is irredeemably flawed; not only does it mean and do nothing to invite non-Ethiopians to be a part of a broader coalition to overcome neo-colonialism, it actually exacerbates the problem by fanning the flames of tribalism that is torching Ethiopia.

I write this last section to Ethiopians in their 40s and younger, I do not mean to be an ageist but the truth is that it is time for us to assert our voices instead of going through the gatekeepers who are being propped up and funded by the West to keep us at each other’s throats. It is time for Generation Iyasu to rise up for the sake of Ethiopia, disavow tribalism and initiate a movement that is rooted in action instead of taking part in campaigns that is built on protests. We have a wealth of talent in the Ethiopian community, we don’t need to beg ANYONE, if we learned to collaborate and work together instead of competing apart, Ethiopia will once again be a nation among nations.

However, I would be remiss if I do not point out that progress cannot be hand if we do not first seek truth and become accountable for the parts that we have all played in this ongoing unraveling of Ethiopia. In one shape or another, most of us have allowed either ego, self-pursuit, tribalism or blind hatred to shatter our moral compass. It is easy to blame others for what they have done to us, but we must man and woman up and say enumerate our shortcomings. As we do this, we must push the tribalists off the stage and stop listening to anyone who leads with anger and grievance.

A movement that is rooted in anger sans a vision of hope and inclusion is not a movement but inertia, such is the case with @HermelaTV and the #Ethiopia|n #NoMore campaign:: #WarNoMore Click To Tweet

We keep saying that love shall win, well let us walk our motto instead of chanting about love while preaching from the pulpit of hatred and indifference. Ethiopia is not for one, Ethiopia is for all. Unless you can say “I love Amharas”, “I love Oromos”, “I love Tigarus” and I love every ethnic community that Ethiopia is blessed with, you are not the solution but the problem. Let us stop falling for the trap that the West put before us and instead rise up to our faith that informs us to love our neighbors as ourselves. If we do not do that in short order, the carnage we witnessed in 2013 in Ethiopia is but a preview of an Nwo-globalist holocaust that is coming for our homeland and humanity as a whole.

I return to the article I wrote about in September, instead of tweeting #NoMore, which doesn’t articulate a coherent message and seems to be built mostly on being against something, use #WarNoMore and tell the world why Ethiopia matters. Share the story with African-Americans of how “black” people volunteered by the thousands to fight the Italians during the 1930s. Share with Muslims of how King Armah gave shelter to the Prophet Mohammad’s envoy which led to a fatwa being declared that no Muslim should ever attack Ethiopia. Our story is not only our story, it is the narrative of humanity. To this end, we need to follow people who can form and convey this message to a broader audience instead of heeding any Joe with a megaphone.

It is said that a people without a vision shall perish, what we need desperately are leaders who can see over the horizon. Hermela could be one of them just like I could have been ten years ago. But in order to lead others, one must first heal self. That is why I shuttered the Ghion Journal and started Guzo to Healing, only by mending within can I mend without. That mantra is true for me, it is true for Hermela, it is true for Ethiopia and it is most definitely true for humanity::

“Princes shall come forth out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch forth her hands unto God.” ~ Psalm 68:31

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