Adwa Inverted: the West Colonized Ethiopia by Making Too Many Ethiopians Hate Themselves

It wasn’t always this way, our ancestors were not like us, they held themselves to a higher standard than to be the stewards of imperialists. At all times, they carried themselves with dignity and did not have an inferiority complex when it came to Europeans. Whenever I look at pictures from my grandparent’s time, I am always in awe at home much confidence they had in themselves and how much they believed in themselves.

They loved themselves because no one had colonized them and imbued in their spirits a sense of shame, worthlessness or self-loathing. They did not derive their identity by the names others called themselves; they did not call themselves habesha, black or any other term that was invented by outsiders as a means of dehumanizing people that originate from the continent that was once called Ethiopia.

They did not have the false pride that has become endemic of our time, to the contrary they had authentic love for themselves and for their neighbors. They did not ask about their countrymen’s ethnic affiliation, nor did they insult each other based on tribal lines. Though there were many challenges during our grandparents’ time and prior, the one thing they had was a deep sense of patriotism that was manifested by loving their fellow citizens and having a abiding humility before God. The twin pillars of love and humility are the reasons why Ethiopians were able to defeat Italians during the Battle of Adwa and yet again during the 1940s.

Oh how those days are long gone, the Derg generation and those who came after have completely dismantled the very reasons we were never colonized as they latched on to tribe and brutalize each other with slings and arrows on social media and bullets and bombs on battlefields. The sin of the Derg generation were bequeathed to millennials as too many of us look to our differences instead of valuing what we have in common. The end result is the slow death of a nation as the same battle songs that were once sung to repel would-be colonizers have now become murder music as all sides commit atrocities against fellow citizens in the name of patriotism that only births genocides.

I have to give it to West, the British and warmongers like American warmongers like Henry Kissinger in particular,  for bamboozling us in ways that Malcolm X could never imagine . After Italy failed to subdue our grandparents in the 1930s, the West made a cunning and strategic decision to play the long game and colonize us not with tanks but with the virus of tribalism. Over the past 70 years, ever since Haile Selassie regained power after he became a Freemason in England, the West has methodically and relentlessly dismantled our national identity and replaced with tribal fidelity.

Haile Selassie’s blunder with respect to Eritrea and his misguided decision to carve out an educated class while ignoring the plight of the working class and poor opened the door for the Derg to erase the one institution that kept Ethiopia free from colonization for centuries. Out went the monarchy and in came a foreign ideology that wrought equality by making all suffer without regard to identity. Nearly two decades of malicious Marxism presented the West the perfect opportunity to implement a plan they devised nearly 50 years before the TPLF were selected by 10 Downing Street and their capos like Kissinger, Cohen and Brzezinski in America.

Meles Zenawi and his ilk joyfully took orders from their Western masters and implemented Apartheid 2.0 in Ethiopia. Their first act of treason was placing a satanic pentagram on the Sendek Alama of a country that is mentioned in the Bible 33 times. They followed insult with injury as they conditioned Ethiopians to stop viewing themselves as countrymen and instead place value on their ethnic affiliation. Twenty seven years of ethnocentrism shattered our common walk and replaced it with a guzo of tribalism.

Balkanizing Ethiopia would not have been possible if the TPLF did not import the toxic “identity politics” of America. They did this by turning Amharas into the “white people” of Ethiopia and then convincing all other ethnic groups that they were oppressed based on their tribal affiliation. In reality, Amharas suffered just as much as all other ethnic groups throughout Ethiopia’s history, the core injustice throughout Ethiopia’s history was not one of ethnicity but of class.

Sadly, we now have a generation of Ethiopians whose minds have been subverted to hate a history historical icons like Marcus Garvey, Langston Hughes and Nelson Mandela modeled their resistance against “white supremacy” after. While many pretend to honor the Battle of Adwa, they ignore the one thing that made the victory possible which was unity. Our forefather’s victory in 1896 was a shared success story but you would know it as some rush to discredit a Battle that inspired free slaves in America and colonized countries in Africa to fight for freedom over fascism.

The fruits of the West’s indoctrination campaign that the TPLF willfully and malignantly adopted is evidence by the fact that a significant percentage of Oromos vilify Amharic fidel while embracing Latin alphabets or burning the Ethiopian Sendek Alama while saluting a flag that is modeled after Egypt’s bandira. The same can be said of a faction of Tigarus who decided to spit on the Sendek Alama their forefathers died defending and instead bow before a flag that is almost a carbon copy of China’s banner.

What started at the margins has gone mainstream as many Amharas, who once were repulsed by the tribalism of TPLF, have now absorbed the very ethnic chauvinism they protested against not too long ago. Gone are the days of demanding the removal of the pentagram from our Sendek Alama and tearing up Article 39 and the Constitution that codified apartheid in Ethiopia, now that the “activists” have someone they like in power, they all the sudden rationalize what used to be unacceptable. The very economic policies that Meles Zenewi implemented to create a society of separate and economically unequal is now being promoted as a sign of progress.

Which brings us to the present moment. We are months away from the plan the West engineered nearly 80 years ago coming into clear and horrific focus. A war that is ravaging Ethiopia has convinced all sides that they can win not realizing the loss that coming for all of us. As it stands, Abiy’s supporters are in full glee thinking that the Ethiopian National Defense Force is about to deliver a final blow to the TPLF and terminate a cancer that has been eating away at the country for close to three decades.

What they fail to see is that Abiy and Debretsion are not enemies as much as they are co-conspirators who are taking the funds and guns of the West in order to pit Ethiopians against each other. Abiy succeeded in the short term at rallying Amharas and some Oromos to his side by playing on their nationalism, which has repelled TPLF’s aggression and promises to deliver the final blow. This looks like great news until you realize that the ENDF’s successes on the battlefield is opening the door for America’s intervention.

Samantha Powers, who has an outsized influence in the policy making realm, is already using the dreaded phrase “all options on the table“, which is another way of saying “bomb Ethiopia back to the stone ages”. I’ve heard from trusted sources that the Department of Defense has already prepared bombing sorties that will be initiated the minute Joe Biden gives the green light to attack. If you want to know what Ethiopia is going to look like once Biden announces a holocaust in the name of “human rights”, look to Syria and Libya after the ENDF is decimated by a brutal and sustained bombing campaign.

The only hope we have to avert this coming war crime from being committed against the land of origins by “white” supremacists in the UK and the USA is to unite and call focus our attention and that of the world on Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and their globalist powers. This requires a concerted media strategy that weaves in the plight of Ethiopia to the plight of the world. It is imperative that “white” people understand that our suffering is tied inextricably to their suffering. Likewise, “black” people must be convinced that our pain is their pain.

We must weave our oppression with oppressed people around the world or else be ready for mass-leksos the likes of which Ethiopia has not witnessed since Mussolini used Mustard gas against our grandparents’ generation.

No more begging the State Department for reprieve from a war they incubated, no more referring to UN resolutions that are not worth the paper they are written on and no more protesting against CNN and Western media because their interest is not to tell truth but to lie on behalf of their corporate patrons. While we are at it, no more #NoMore, a campaign that is promoted and funded by the Ethiopian and Eritrean government that aims to morph pan-Africanism into panhandling-Africanism. We must get over our inferiority complex and rise up to view ourselves as co-equals of the West the same way our forefathers did during the age of Adwa.

We are months, potentially weeks away, from @JoeBiden initiating a brutal bombing campaign against #Ethiopia in the name 'humanitarian' intervention. To a genocide against the nation that gave birth to humanity, we say #WarNoMore Click To Tweet

While I agree that the TPLF has to go, I also believe that Abiy Ahmed and his Photo Op leadership that lacks any coherent vision needs to exit stage left. However, the core issue that is gashing Ethiopia is neither TPLF or Abiy Ahmed, the central problem is that we have come to hate ourselves. If we do not turn away from idolizing everything foreign while spitting on our heritage, we will be remembered as the children who aborted their own mother. The solution is simple, do as Psalm 68:31 advises by quickly turning back to God before the princes (politicians) come out Egypt to commit a bloodbath against our birthland::

For the nation to live, the tribe must die.” ~ Samora Machel


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